For larger yards over 1 acre we offer reduced pricing. 

Anything over 1 acre of treatment is charged at a per acre / per spray fee of $75.  This is for areas sprayed at the same time and visit.

Example = New customer for 4 sprays on TWO acres = $486 for the first Acre x 4sprays  + $300 for the second acre x 4 sprays = Total of $786 to treat 2 acres over 4 seperate visits.  This is a cost savings of over 27%!

Extra Acre Charges - Tick Spray Plans

Spray Programs for up to 1 acre
  • Tick Be Gone services are prepaid plans to treat your property.  We will call or text you the day before we arrive to notify you and ensure you get the best service.

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Tick-Be-Gone, does not express any guarantee against tick-borne illnesses. We only aid in the reduction/prevention of ticks on your property within the treated areas.

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