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2024 Deals for everyone. Same great service at the same 2023 pricing!

The MORE treatments you get, the safer your family is and the MORE you SAVE! 

Treatment plan deals start on orders of three or more sprays.  Deeper discounts for increasing plans. Each treatment covers up to one acre unless additional acres added.  Simply select a "Spray Program" then select "How Many Acres" you want treated.  (Pricing reflects discount on 1st acre, extra acres deeply dicounted already.)  --- Treatments must be used in 2024- No carryover

2024 Tick prevention Deals

  • Tick Be Gone services are prepaid plans to treat your property.  We will call or text you the day before we arrive to notify you and ensure you get the best service.

  • We recommend 5 treatments for an average season of coverage. Our ORGANIC spray treatments last 4-5 weeks and leave no residual affects or biproducts.  The essential oil based sprays breakdown completely and will need to be reapplied on a monthly basis to remain effective.  This ensures the safety of your pets and family as there is nothing left in your yard to worry about. 

    Depending on the weather we recommend starting applications in late March - early April to treat all stages of Tick life cycles.  This prevents eggs from creating a larger problem in the months where we enjoy the outdoors most.  Ticks are active year round but far less active after October when temperatures stay below 50F

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