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How will my family and pets be affected?

Tick Be Gone uses NON-TOXIC, kid-safe products. We prefer to use ORGANIC, natural products that are safe for our environment and leave no harmful residues. Our organic product will not harm beneficial insects such as earthworms, butterflies and especially bees.


Can Tick Be Gone completely eliminate all the Ticks and outdoor pests on my property?

We guarantee that our service will reduce ticks, and other outdoor pests by 85% to 98%. If you aren't fully satisfied, we will re-treat free of charge. Since ticks and the other outdoor pests are mobile, we cannot guarantee 100%


How often should Tick Be Gone Spray be applied?


Our trained professionals recommend application treatments every 4-6 weeks depending on weather conditions and customer schedules such as outdoor events etc.


Why do we use only backpack misters?

Ticks live in many places such as - leaf litter, overgrown shrubs, ornamental plantings, wood piles, paths, woodsy areas, perimeters, etc... Because of our years of experience, we know that the best way to target hidden ticks is by using backpack misters. The blowers can overturn leaves and uncover hiding places that a water gun and tick tubes will not help.


How long does it take for the spray to dry?

Your yard is safe to return to after 30 minutes of drying time in normal humidity. Warm, sunny days the spray will dry sooner. We recommend the 30 minutes to be consistent.


What towns do you service?

We cover most of Central and Eastern CT.  Please contact us for more specific needs and we will do our best to work with all of our customers and ensure quality service.


Will the product have a smell after application?

The organic compounds we use will have a pleasant, natural cedar smell on the day of application.  It will dissipate as it dries and blend right in with the outdoors. There will be no distinct smell to worry about.  Some pet owners are concerned about their dogs not liking the smell.  We have worked with many clients and have had great success with sensitive dogs and owners.



Why is the pesticide marker left on my property and what information does it explain?

The State of Connecticut requires an application marker be left on all properties serviced regardless of organic or technical material. It states the date applied, who applied the product, and our contact phone number.


When do you service properties?

Tick Be Gone sprays between 8:00am and 6:00pm, Mon-Sat.  Sundays are by special request only.


Do I need to be home when you are servicing my property?

The great thing about our services - you do not need to be present. We will call or text you the day before the application to let you know we are coming and ensure we are not interrupting any plans you have.


Can I just get a one-time treatment for a special outdoor event?

Yes. We have a special event spraying available for everything from a small birthday party or graduation, to a huge wedding reception. Special event treatment is provided 24-48 hours before the event and will remain effective even if it rains. 

Does Tick Be Gone use outside contractors?

Every application is done by the owners and our highly trained employees.  We are state licensed and continue our education regularly - NO EXCEPTIONS!


Does Tick Be Gone service commercial or municipal accounts?

Yes - We work with municipal and business leaders to customize treatment options that meet a facility’s unique needs - including dining patios, parks, beaches, special events, schools, and much more.


Is there a trip charge or rescheduling fee?

No – we make sure we contact you the day before and leave a message if no one answers.  If for some reason we need to reschedule we simply make plans for a later date. 


What weather-related conditions prohibit from Spraying?

Tick Be Gone will reschedule during wind conditions greater than 10mph and considerable rainfall at the time of application. As long as the product has had about 30 minutes to dry, product efficacy is not compromised.


Tick-Be-Gone, does NOT express any guarantee against tick borne illnesses. We only aid in the reduction/prevention of ticks on your property within the treated areas.

Privacy Policy

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Tick Be Gone is not responsible for past, present, or future out breaks of any tick or insect born disease or sickness that you, your family or animals may encounter.

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